baresip  0.5.5
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CaudioGeneric Audio stream
 Caudio_loopAudio Loop
 Cauenc_paramAudio Codec parameters
 Caufilt_prmAudio Filter Parameters
 Cauplay_prmAudio Player parameters
 CaurxAudio receive/decoder
 Causrc_prmAudio Source parameters
 Causrc_stDefines the Gstreamer state
 CautxAudio transmit/encoder
 CcallSIP Call Control object
 Ccall_prmCall parameters
 CcmdDefines a command
 Ccmd_argCommand arguments
 CconfigCore configuration
 Cconfig_avtAudio/Video Transport
 Cconfig_callCall config
 Cconfig_sipSIP User-Agent
 Ch263_hdrH.263 Header defined in RFC 2190
 Ch263_strmH.263 bit-stream header
 Ch264_fuFragmentation Unit header
 Ch264_hdrH.264 Header defined in RFC 3984
 Cmedia_ctxMedia Context
 CplayAudio file player
 CrangeA range of numbers
 CregRegister client
 CrtpkeepRTP Keepalive
 CsessionMulti Call Echo module
 Csip_reqSIP Authenticated Request
 CstreamDefines a generic media stream
 Cstream_paramCommon parameters for media stream
 CuaDefines a SIP User Agent object
 CuiDefines a User-Interface module
 Cvidenc_paramVideo Codec parameters
 CvideoGeneric Video stream
 Cvideo_loopVideo loop
 Cvidisp_prmVideo Display parameters
 Cvidisp_stVideo Display state
 Cvidsrc_prmVideo Source parameters
 Cvidsrc_stVideo Source state
 CvrxVideo stream - receiver/decoder direction
 CvstatVideo Statistics
 CvtxVideo stream - transmitter/encoder direction