baresip  0.5.5
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 modules/account/account.cLoad SIP accounts from file
 src/account.cUser-Agent account
 test/account.cTests for account
 alsa.cALSA sound driver
 alsa.hALSA sound driver – internal interface
 alsa_play.cALSA sound driver - player
 alsa_src.cALSA sound driver - recorder
 amr.cAdaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) audio codec
 amr.hAMR module – internal interface
 aor.cMock SIP server – SIP Address of Record
 aubridge.cAudio bridge
 aubridge.hAudio bridge – internal interface
 aucodec.cAudio Codec
 modules/rst/audio.cMP3/ICY HTTP Audio Source
 src/audio.cAudio stream
 audiounit.cAudioUnit sound driver
 audiounit.hAudioUnit sound driver – Internal interface
 aufile.cWAV Audio Source
 aufilt.cAudio Filter
 src/aulevel.cAudio level
 test/aulevel.cBaresip selftest – audio levels
 auloop.cAudio loop
 auplay.cAudio Player
 ausrc.cAudio Source
 auth.cMock SIP server – authentication
 av1.cAV1 Video Codec
 av1.hPrivate AV1 Interface
 avcapture.mAVFoundation video capture
 avcodec.cVideo codecs using libavcodec
 avcodec.hVideo codecs using libavcodec – internal API
 avformat.cLibavformat video-source
 b2bua.cBack-to-Back User-Agent (B2BUA) module
 baresip.cTop-level baresip struct
 baresip.hPublic Interface to Baresip
 bfcp.cBFCP client
 bv32.cBroadVoice32 audio codec
 cairo.cCairo module
 src/call.cCall Control
 test/call.cBaresip selftest – call
 call_window.cGTK+ call window
 cert.cTLS Certificate
 src/cmd.cCommand Interface
 test/cmd.cBaresip selftest – cmd
 codec2.cCODEC2 audio codec
 conf.cConfiguration utils
 config.cCore Configuration
 cons.cSocket-based command-line console
 modules/contact/contact.cContacts module
 src/contact.cContacts handling
 test/contact.cBaresip selftest – contacts
 context.mOpenGLES Context for iOS
 core.hInternal API
 coreaudio.cApple Coreaudio sound driver
 coreaudio.hApple Coreaudio sound driver – internal API
 cplusplus.cppBaresip selftest – C++ compatibility
 daala.cExperimental video-codec using Daala
 daala.hExperimental video-codec using Daala – internal api
 debug_cmd.cDebug commands
 av1/decode.cAV1 Decode
 avcodec/decode.cVideo codecs using libavcodec – decoder
 daala/decode.cExperimental video-codec using Daala – decoder
 g7221/decode.cG.722.1 Decode
 h265/decode.cH.265 Decode
 mpa/decode.cMpa Decode
 opus/decode.cOpus Decode
 vp8/decode.cVP8 Decode
 vp9/decode.cVP9 Decode
 device.cAudio bridge – virtual device table
 dial_dialog.cGTK+ dial dialog
 directfb.cDirectFB video display module
 disp.cVideo bridge – display
 dnssrv.cMock DNS server
 domain.cMock SIP server – domain handling
 dshow.cppWindows DirectShow video-source
 dtls.cDTLS functions
 dtls_srtp.cDTLS-SRTP media encryption
 dtls_srtp.hDTLS-SRTP Internal api
 dump.cGstreamer playbin pipeline - dump utilities
 echo.cEcho module
 av1/encode.cAV1 Encode
 avcodec/encode.cVideo codecs using libavcodec – encoder
 daala/encode.cExperimental video-codec using Daala – encoder
 g7221/encode.cG.722.1 Encode
 gst_video/encode.cVideo codecs using Gstreamer video pipeline
 h265/encode.cH.265 Encode
 mpa/encode.cMpa Encode
 opus/encode.cOpus Encode
 vp8/encode.cVP8 Encode
 vp9/encode.cVP9 Encode
 evdev.cInput event device UI module
 fakevideo.cFake video source and video display
 g711.cG.711 Audio Codec
 g722.cG.722 audio codec
 g7221.cG.722.1 Audio Codec
 g7221.hPrivate G.722.1 Interface
 g726.cG.726 Audio Codec
 gsm.cGSM Audio Codec
 gst.cGstreamer playbin pipeline
 /gst.cGstreamer 1.0 playbin pipeline
 gst.hGstreamer playbin pipeline – internal interface
 gst_video.cVideo codecs using Gstreamer
 /gst_video.cVideo codecs using Gstreamer 1.0
 gst_video.hGstreamer video pipeline – internal API
 /gst_video.hGstreamer video pipeline – internal API
 gtk_mod.cGTK+ UI module
 gtk_mod.hGTK+ UI module – internal API
 h263.cH.263 video codec (RFC 4629)
 h264.cH.264 video codec packetization (RFC 3984)
 h265.cH.265 Video Codec
 h265.hH.265 Video Codec – internal API
 h26x.hInterface to H.26x video codecs
 httpd.cWebserver UI module
 ice.cICE Module
 ilbc.cInternet Low Bit Rate Codec (iLBC) audio codec
 isac.cISAC audio codec
 jack.cJACK audio driver
 jack_src.cJACK audio driver – source
 l16.c16-bit linear codec
 libnatpmp.cNAT-PMP Client library
 libnatpmp.hInterface to NAT-PMP Client library
 listener.cPort Control Protocol module – multicast listener
 location.cMock SIP server – location handling
 magic.hInterface to magic macros
 src/main.cMain application code
 test/main.cSelftest for Baresip core
 mctrl.cMedia Control
 menc.cMedia encryption
 menu.cInteractive menu
 src/message.cSIP MESSAGE – RFC 3428
 test/message.cBaresip selftest – message sending
 metric.cMetrics for media transmit/receive
 mnat.cMedia NAT
 mock_aucodec.cMock audio codec
 mock_auplay.cMock audio player
 mock_ausrc.cMock audio source
 mock_vidcodec.cMock video codec
 mock_vidisp.cMock video display
 mock_vidsrc.cMock video source
 mod_jack.hJACK audio driver – internal api
 modules/omx/module.cRaspberry Pi VideoCoreIV OpenMAX interface
 src/module.cModule loading
 src/mos.cMOS (Mean Opinion Score)
 test/mos.cTest the MOS (Mean Opinion Score) calculator
 mpa.cMpa Audio Codec
 mpa.hPrivate mpa Interface
 mwi.cMessage Waiting Indication (RFC 3842)
 natbd.cNAT Behavior Discovery Module
 natpmp.cNAT-PMP Module for Media NAT-traversal
 src/net.cNetworking code
 test/net.cBaresip selftest – networking
 notifier.cPresence notifier
 omx.cRaspberry Pi VideoCoreIV OpenMAX interface
 omx.hRaspberry Pi VideoCoreIV OpenMAX interface
 opengl.mVideo driver for OpenGL on MacOSX
 opengles.cVideo driver for OpenGLES
 opengles.hInternal API to OpenGLES module
 opensles.cOpenSLES audio driver
 opensles.hOpenSLES audio driver – internal API
 opus.cOpus Audio Codec
 opus.hPrivate Opus Interface
 oss.cOpen Sound System (OSS) driver
 panel.cVideo-info filter – panel
 pcp.cPort Control Protocol for Media NAT-traversal
 pcp.hPort Control Protocol module – internal interface
 modules/aubridge/play.cAudio bridge – playback
 modules/winwave/play.cWindows sound driver – playback
 src/play.cAudio-file player
 test/play.cBaresip selftest – audio file player
 audiounit/player.cAudioUnit output player
 coreaudio/player.cApple Coreaudio sound driver - player
 opensles/player.cOpenSLES audio driver – playback
 pulse/player.cPulseaudio sound driver - player
 plc.cPLC – Packet Loss Concealment
 png_vf.cWrite vidframe to a PNG-file
 portaudio.cPortaudio sound driver
 presence.cPresence module
 presence.hPresence module interface
 print.cInput event device info
 print.hInterface to Input event device info
 publisher.cPresence Publisher (RFC 3903)
 pulse.cPulseaudio sound driver
 pulse.hPulseaudio sound driver – internal API
 qtcapture.mVideo source using QTKit QTCapture
 quicktime.cQuicktime video-source
 realtime.cReal-Time scheduling
 audiounit/recorder.cAudioUnit input recorder
 coreaudio/recorder.cApple Coreaudio sound driver - recorder
 opensles/recorder.cOpenSLES audio driver – recording
 pulse/recorder.cPulseaudio sound driver - recorder
 reg.cRegister Client
 rst.cMP3/ICY HTTP AV Source
 rst.hMP3/ICY HTTP AV Source
 rtpext.cRTP Header Extensions
 rtpkeep.cRTP Keepalive
 libsrtp/sdes.cSDP Security Descriptions (RFC 4568)
 srtp/sdes.cSDP Security Descriptions for Media Streams (RFC 4568)
 libsrtp/sdes.hSDP Security Descriptions (RFC 4568) API
 srtp/sdes.hSDP Security Descriptions for Media Streams API
 sdl.cSDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer v1.2
 /sdl.cSimple DirectMedia Layer module for SDL v2.0
 sdl.hSimple DirectMedia Layer module – internal interface
 modules/amr/sdp.cAMR SDP Functions
 modules/g7221/sdp.cG.722.1 SDP Functions
 modules/gst_video/sdp.cH.264 SDP Functions
 modules/mpa/sdp.cMpa SDP Functions
 modules/opus/sdp.cOpus SDP Functions
 modules/vp8/sdp.cVP8 SDP Functions
 modules/vp9/sdp.cVP9 SDP Functions
 src/sdp.cSDP functions
 selfview.cSelfview Video-Filter
 sess.cAudioUnit sound driver - session
 silk.cSkype SILK audio codec
 sipreq.cSIP Authenticated Request
 sipsrv.cMock SIP server
 sipsrv.hMock SIP server – interface
 snapshot.cSnapshot Video-Filter
 sndfile.cAudio dumper using libsndfile
 sndio.cSndIO sound driver
 speex.cSpeex audio codec
 speex_aec.cSpeex Acoustic Echo Cancellation
 speex_pp.cSpeex Pre-processor
 aubridge/src.cAudio bridge – source
 vidbridge/src.cVideo bridge – source
 winwave/src.cWindows sound driver – source
 dtls_srtp/srtp.cSecure RTP
 srtp/srtp.cSecure Real-time Transport Protocol (RFC 3711)
 stdio.cStandard Input/Output UI module
 stream.cGeneric Media Stream
 stun.cSTUN Module for Media NAT-traversal
 subscriber.cPresence subscriber
 swscale.cVideo filter for scaling and pixel conversion
 syslog.cSyslog module
 test.hSelftest for Baresip core – internal API
 transfer_dialog.cGTK+ call transfer dialog
 turn.cTURN Module
 test/ua.cBaresip selftest – User-Agent (UA)
 ui.cUser Interface
 uri_entry.cGTK+ URI entry combo box
 user.cMock SIP server – user handling
 util.cSimple DirectMedia Layer module – utilities
 uuid.cGenerate and load UUID
 v4l.cVideo4Linux video-source
 v4l2.cVideo4Linux2 video-source
 v4l2_codec.cVideo4Linux2 video-source and video-codec
 vidbridge.cVideo bridge
 vidbridge.hVideo bridge – internal interface
 vidcodec.cVideo Codec
 modules/rst/video.cMP3/ICY HTTP Video Source
 src/video.cVideo stream
 test/video.cBaresip selftest – video
 vidfilt.cVideo Filter
 vidinfo.cVideo-info filter
 vidinfo.hVideo-info filter
 vidisp.cVideo Display
 vidloop.cVideo loop
 vidsrc.cVideo Source
 vp8.cVP8 Video Codec
 vp8.hPrivate VP8 Interface
 vp9.cVP9 video codec
 vp9.hPrivate VP9 Interface
 wincons.cWindows console input
 winwave.cWindows sound driver
 winwave.hWindows sound driver – internal api
 x11.cVideo driver for X11
 x11grab.cX11 grabbing video-source
 zrtp.cZRTP: Media Path Key Agreement for Unicast Secure RTP