librem  0.5.2
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CaubufLocked audio-buffer with almost zero-copy
 CaufileAudio file state
 Caufile_prmAudio file parameters
 CaumixDefines an Audio mixer
 Caumix_sourceDefines an Audio mixer source
 CauresampDefines the resampler state
 CfirDefines the fir filter state
 CgoertzelDefines the goertzel algorithm state
 Cvidfmt_compdescVideo pixel format component description
 Cvidfmt_descVideo pixel format description
 CvidframeVideo frame
 CvidptVideo point
 CvidrectVideo rectangle
 CvidszVideo size
 Cwav_chunkWAV-file chunk
 Cwav_fmtWAVE format sub-chunk