Librem is a portable and generic library for real-time audio and video processing.


  • Audio buffering, mixing, codecs and resampling
  • Video mixing, rescaling and pixel format conversion
  • Download

    Latest and previous releases of librem can be downloaded here.


    The development of librem is happening at Github
    $ git clone

    Building and installation

    To build librem we are using GNU Make. External dependencies are automatically detected by the makefile. libre must be installed first.

    To build librem with default options:

    $ cd rem
    $ make
    $ sudo make install

    Design Goals

  • Portable POSIX source code (ANSI C89 and ISO C99 standard)
  • Intelligent and user friendly APIs
  • Robust, fast, low memory footprint
  • Documentation

    Doxygen API documentation can be found here.

    Applications using librem

  • baresip